Introducing : Our Studio57 Dental Health Membership plan

We want to help you keep your smile healthy and attractive! For patients not using dental insurance, our plan includes two regular preventive hygiene visits (checkups) per year. Xrays, emergency exams and consultations (live or virtual) are all included at no additional cost.

Other dental treatment will be reduced 10% from our usual fees. For patients who see us regularly for preventive care, this is a significant savings.

Unlike dental insurance, our plan has no deductibles, no waiting periods, no annual maximums, no forms to fill out and no bureaucratic red tape.

Dental insurance companies have been reducing reimbursement rates, raising deductibles, raising premiums, and placing other barriers between patients and the care they need. Our membership plan is a response to this unfortunate trend.

The cost is $595/year for adults and $495/year for children under 14. The plan (due to NY State regulations) cannot be combined with dental insurance.

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