TMJ Treatment with Dr. Rubinstein

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are positioned close to your ears and allow proper jaw movements for chewing, breathing and speaking. The TMJ is a complex joint system, because it allows both sideways, forward and rotational movements of the jaw. In many ways, it is the most complex joint system in the human body.

This complexity, combined with clenching and grinding of the teeth, can lead to pain and dysfunction in one or both of these joints.

What Are The Symptoms of TMJ Disorders?

TMJ disorders have several symptoms which cause different levels of pain and dysfunction. These may include headaches, jaw pain, “locking” of the jaw or difficulty opening the mouth. Sometimes the joint will make “clicking” or “popping” noises when you open or close the mouth. In some cases, the symptoms may also be associated with sleep disordered breathing or sleep apnea.

TMJ Treatment - The Process

The most important step in TMJ treatment is proper diagnosis. We do a comprehensive examination and specialized testing to identify the root cause of the problem. Afterward, we can develop a customized treatment plan and recommendations for therapy that can hopefully reduce or eliminate the symptoms permanently.

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